What is a 'negotiated tender'?

A concept used in connection with building and construction work

A negotiated tender is a model used in connection with building and construction work in which the principal chooses up to three different bidders, who are given permission to tender for the work. The principal is free to choose the three companies involved.

Greenland legislation stipulates that negotiated tendering is not permitted for building and construction work with a total value in excess of DKK 500,000, unless:

1) the scope, quality or time involved is very difficult to set out in the tender documents

2) in reality only a single company is capable of carrying out the work, or

3) there are other material reasons why a specific contractor should be appointed.


Read more about the legislation in Greenland Parliament Act No. 11 of 2 December 2009 on calls for tenders in the building and construction industry with corresponding schedules, which can be viewed under Legislation --> Building and Construction Work