What is 'competitive tendering'?

A concept used in connection with building and construction work

Competitive tendering is a concept used in connection with tenders for building and construction work. A call for tenders ('udbud') and competitive tendering ('licitation') are, in principle, the same thing, but a call for tenders may, depending on the country and its legislation, be subject to a fixed framework/conditions that stipulate how the principal must call for tenders and act in the course of the tender process.


Building and construction work in Greenland is subject to a relatively detailed and fixed set of legal rules with which the principal must comply, which is emphasised by using the term 'competitive tendering' (licitation). Sets of rules describe, among other things:


1) how a call for tenders must be published

2) how tenders can be submitted

3) who is given what information and when

4) how bidders must act during the process

5) how incoming tenders must be assessed.

These provisions aim to ensure that the selection of bidders is based on objective, factual and non-discriminatory criteria and that none of the bidders are given preferential treatment.


Read more about the legislation in Greenland Parliament Act No. 11 of 2 December 2009 on calls for tenders in the building and construction industry and corresponding schedules, which can be viewed under Legislation -->Building and Construction Work