Indirect Environmental Impacts

Part of the impact of a project like the smelter project is not directly from the smelter plant or the associated hydroelectric power plants. There can be a number of impacts as a result of social changes caused by the project.

A development of Maniitsoq will impact traffic, consumption and general behaviour, which in turn can have an impact on local culture, economy, etc. To better understand the project’s possible indirect impacts, both positive and negative, the utilisation of natural resources, living conditions and cultural change will be studied. The health of the population is also included as part of these studies.

There will be threshold limit values set for the smelter plant’s emissions, which the plant must stay within. There already exists a number of minimum international requirements and threshold limit values. If the local requirements are more stringent, they will apply. You can find this topic in, among others, the section on the applicable Standards for EIA studies.