Local Environmental Impacts

Smelter plants, hydroelectric power plants and transmission lines have an impact like other industries and facilities in the nearby areas. In addition, there are differences between temporary impacts during the construction phase and permanent impacts during the operational phase.

The specific impacts can be changing watercourses, chemical substances and physical impacts such as noise, etc. Traffic also impacts on the local community and other new conditions can be evident as more indirect impacts from new industry.

Before we can know what the consequences of these impacts are, we must first have gained knowledge about a number of specific factors and what frame of reference we have. In other words: How are the surroundings today, without the possible project? Only after this knowledge of the starting point, called the ‘baseline,’ can a report be made about how the project could have an impact on the environment and what can be done to reduce the possible negative impacts.

It must be continuously monitored that the project in Greenland complies with acceptable and non-harmful threshold limit values for emissions, and generally follows the guidelines outlined in the project’s environmental approvals. This is described in detail in the proposal for baseline studies (Terms of Reference), which can be found under the section on EIA.