Public meetings

As part of the EIA, the public must be involved in the process on an ongoing basis to provide information about the studies and the process and give people the opportunity to ask questions and contribute with points of views to work with the EIA study.

Public meetings that have been held regarding the establishment of a smelter plant have both been general information meetings about the project and specific ongoing environmental studies.


The first public meetings were held in the context of that the study plan for baseline studies had been published and were in the public consultation. The plan was presented at the public meeting and then there was the opportunity to talk to the different researchers working on the EIA study. This was to provide greater insight into the work, but also for the researchers to get contributions from the public for the implementation of the baseline studies.

The questions and conversations with the public have been part of the preparation of the final study plan for the baseline studies and is written in the so-called Terms of Reference.

After the completion of the baseline studies the main results were presented and displayed on a series of posters at public meetings.

borgermøder 2

Subsequent public meetings were planned when the environmental impact assessment had been prepared. It can only be done after the baseline studies are completed and the technical design for the project is clearly clarified. When the environmental impact assessment has been completed, a draft of the overall EIA report will go to public consultation and be presented at public meetings. Only then will the EIA report be submitted for regulatory approval.