Baseline studies ToR

Baseline studies are the basic environmental studies for environmental impact assessment. They must be made to assess the project’s possible impacts. It is about obtaining knowledge of how things are today, so that we can analyse the possible impact of the project.

What must be studied and how is described in a study programme for the project. The correct technical title is the Terms of Reference for the Environmental Impact Assessment for the Greenland Smelter Project (ToR). There is, in Danish, a defined set of basic tasks and studies to be performed in order for an adequate environmental impact study to be conducted. To manage this work, the project has recruited an international consultant agency with global expertise in environmental assessments, ERM. A number of the specific studies have been carried out by, among others, the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources and the National Environmental Research Institute, which for many years have built up expertise in environmental studies in Greenland.

In connection with the baseline studies, stakeholders were involved just as in the EIA study’s second phase through, among other things, public meetings, in addition to direct meetings with stakeholders.

ToR provides a specific overview of the field studies and desk studies to be carried out, in addition to a summary of the input and questions that have come from the public.

Download the English language version of ToR.