Suggested location of the smelter plant

A decision to place a possible smelter plant on Maniitsoq island made it possible to initiate specific studies about how both the project and local infrastructure development were to be implemented, as well as to examine the relationship between the smelter project and the local community.

Placering af aluminiumsværk

placering kort

The location of a smelter plant on Maniitsoq island would provide close links to an existing urban community. An access road would have to be built at this location from Maniitsoq town to the plant. The road’s exact course and design is still under consideration, but is expected to stretch approximately 11 km.

The smelter plant will be located at a suitable distance from the town, so that the employees can quickly and easily get to and from work, but without the plant being noticed in the town. Visually, the town and industry are separated by a mountain, in addition to the smelter plant having its own port for the reception of raw materials and shipping of finished products, as well as other heavy transport.

Aluminiumsværk kort

The access road to the smelter plant will at the same time constitute an access road to the “new town,” located on the island’s east side, north of the present town.

The road will also give the possibility of establishing new commercial areas in Ataa Bay.

The “new town” will physically be separated from the existing town due to topography, but it will form a natural link between the smelter plant and the existing town.

Qeqqata Municipality has launched a number of initiatives to involve citizens’ own visions for the new town design in the further planning. In addition, Qeqqata Municipality and the Government are working together to study the total demand for infrastructure expansion and the possible expansion of Maniitsoq.