The aluminium industry in Greenland

The idea of establishing an aluminium industry in Greenland is not new – back in the 1970s, a smelter project was considered in Greenland.

In 2006, a new project took shape on establishing a smelter plant. The project was not realised due to the international financial crisis, which also put the aluminium market under pressure. However, the parties agreed to continue the project, when and if the overall business and market conditions again made the project attractive from an investor’s point of view.

In addition to the original agreement, the possibility has been opened that other companies may have the opportunity to utilise the hydroelectric power potential from the lakes, which were reserved for the smelter project.

There must still be many technical, economic and social studies carried out before a final decision can be taken about such a project. On the subpages to this section, you can read about the processes that were implemented or planned for the project, just as you will find reports and documents that have been prepared.