Policy objectives

For many years the objective has been to work towards a more self-sustaining economy for Greenland. In the future, Greenland will economically stand on its own feet and even secure society’s welfare and development. Compared to other Western societies, Greenland has a large educational backlog that is a hindrance to the country’s productivity and competitiveness. Read more about the initiatives here.

Greenland continually loses jobs in the traditional professions and the fishing industry. It is a wish that employment in the private sector will contribute more to society in the future, thus making public service and supply a smaller share of the overall economy. There will therefore be a need to offer new, productive jobs for our own people.

Major industry coupled to hydroelectric power can offer many permanent and lasting jobs. This can also include access to:

  • new education and work placement opportunities
  • better use of already acquired educations
  • gradual change in the occupational structure that can also contribute to the efficient parts of the traditional professions being strengthened.

This does not happen by itself. It requires work and effort on the part of both politicians and business, and it is important that detailed analyses of the possible societal impacts are carried out.

A future major industry in Greenland must adapt to local culture and language. It will be important for the future employees’ professional development to perfect themselves in foreign languages, especially English, but the everyday language should in the long-term be Greenlandic. The company and its local partners must be able to offer employment opportunities to people with widely different qualifications and skills.

The construction of major industry in the Greenland project is the future political position on to what extent the Government of Greenland should be included in the ownership of such a project.

It will be a natural prerequisite for Greenlandic co-ownership that the project has a clear view to becoming a good investment – just as this is a prerequisite for any private investor. A possible public investment, however, must also be seen in relation to the overall public economy.