Society and the economy

The realisation of a major industry coupled to a hydroelectric power plant in Greenland will have a significant impact on both society and the economy. Our renewable natural resource, hydroelectric power, could be used to create stable jobs and exports, and thus become an important contribution to the process towards a more self-sustaining economy.

For this to happen in the best possible way, with the most positive and fewest negative impacts, it is necessary to study a variety of aspects of our society and economy in relation to a possible project. There may be a number of possible benefits, but such benefits do not come by themselves and will require a number of actions and interventions. First and foremost, Greenland’s own workforce must be able to perform all the functions in the long-term at, for example, a smelter plant, so that the Greenlandic workforce can move away from less productive sectors, as well as from the public sector.

samfund og økonomi

In the field of education, there are already long-term initiatives in progress, whose success is important, not only for the establishment of major industry like a smelter plant, but also very much for the general social and economic development in Greenland.

It is important in such a big project to study the opportunities that the project can give us, but also the risks and impacts that can be experienced as negative. A number of studies have already been launched and conducted, particularly with regard to social economy and the labour market. The next step will be a study of the possible regional impacts and political options for a larger mobilisation of the labour force and their families for growth industries and growth towns.