Other hydroelectric power potentials

In connection with studies on the establishment of the smelter plant, five different hydroelectric power potentials between Nuup Kangerlua (Godthaab Fjord) and Kangerlussuaq were considered as potential energy sources.

The three most promising hydroelectric power potentials in, respectively, Søndre Isortup Isua, Tarsartuup Tasersua and Tasersiaq were evaluated in more detail, with a view to ensuring a total output of 600-750 MW. Based on engineering data, outline planning was performed for the project, such as dams, tunnels, canals, roads and transmission lines. The available energy for each of the three potentials was estimated on the basis of hydrological studies and field studies.

The studies concerning Søndre Isortup Isua were set prior to the 2008 field season, since the other two sites combined was estimated to be enough to provide the desired energy for the smelter plant. Furthermore, it is historical data material for Søndre Isortup Isua of poorer quality than at the other two sites. This makes assumptions about the potential’s size more uncertain. Søndre Isortup Isua’s difficult geography and remoteness means that even without further detailed studies, it could be concluded that construction costs would be too high.

Hydroelectric power studies that were carried out in 2008 and 2009, therefore concentrated on the two sites at Tarsartuup Tasersua and Tasersiaq, as well as the possible transmission routes from the hydroelectric power plant to Maniitsoq