The GNPDR is the Greenlandic National Data Repository for oil and gas related geophysical data.

the GNPDR tender result

Tuesday March 10, 2020

The Ministry of Industry, Energy, Research and Labour (the Contracting Authority) has conducted a tender procedure regarding a contract on the delivery, operation and maintenance of a new National Data Register (NDR) for oil and gas related geophysical data with a pertaining online portal solution.

The new NDR will be used for secure storage and maintenance of geophysical data and reports. The online data solution will provide a system for and facilitate the uploading and downloading of data and reports. In addition, the solution will also provide a system for and facilitate an efficient retrieval of data through a user-friendly, functional and visual user interface. 

The tender procedure was conducted as a negotiated tender procedure with prior publication under Greenland Government Act no. 6 of 12 June 2019 on calls for tenders to procure goods and services for government authorities and institutions (the Public Procurement Act). 

The contract is a four-year contract with an option to extend by another six months.

The Contracting Authority hereby announces that the successful tenderer is Osokey Limited.

The Contracting Authority has assessed that Osokey Limited has submitted the financially most advantageous tender on the basis of the award criteria best price-quality ratio and the evaluation model described in the tender documents.

The Contracting Authority intends to enter into a contract on delivery, operation and maintenance of the National Data Register with Osokey Limited.

The new portal will be available at on April 1, 2020. All portal features will be ready for use as the content is implemented.

Please contact if you have any questions regarding the above.

Previous GNPDR provider:



Greenlandic oil and gas related seismic and well data, previously managed by GEUS, will from the 15th of June 2015 be available at the GNPDR portal. The portal is administrated and maintained by the Ministry of Mineral Resources’ cooperative partner Common Data Access Limited (CDA), on behalf of the Government of Greenland.

CDA and its subcontractor Schlumberger Software Integrated Solutions (SIS) have many years of experience in building and maintaining oil and gas related databases. CDA is responsible for one of the largest repositories of offshore oil and gas data in the United Kingdom.

The Department of Geology at the Ministry, CDA and SIS have worked closely together to set up the criteria for the GNPDR. The new portal is available at WWW.GREENPETRODATA.GL which is intuitive and easy accessible after registering.

Within the portal stakeholders can easily browse the site, choose and purchase data for wells or geophysical data using an extensive search function or a GIS-based map, providing an overview of all the Greenlandic oil and gas


• Graphical user interface

• GIS-based map for overview of available data

• Advanced search function

• Data upload for licensees

• Data purchase via the shopping basket

• Search within Geophysical or Well data

• Service Desk

A comprehensive ”Getting started guide” on how to use the functionality of the system can be found on the Information iTab.



The GNPDR is a data management system, which has been designed to store national data. The data available in the repository can be purchased by stakeholders signing up on the WWW.GREENPETRODATA.GL homepage. Purchased data will then be shipped to the company on media.

Datatypes stored within the GNPDR

• 2D and 3D seismic and navigational data

• Well Data

• Gravity/Magnetic and CSEM data

• Field data

• Site Survey data

By signing up on the GNPDR, Shape files for Licences, 2D surveys, 3D surveys, Site surveys and Wells can be downloaded free of charge.






The GNPDR at

Common Data Access Limited (CDA), a not-for-profit subsidiary of industry trade association Oil & Gas UK, is responsible for managing and providing the subsurface data which underpins exploration and production activities on the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS).

Schlumberger Software Integrated Solutions (SIS) is an operating unit of Schlumberger that provides software, information management, IT infrastructure, and services.



GNPDR - data submittal guidelines.