Commercial exploitation of ice and water

In 2017, the Government of Greenland published a new strategy for the export of ice and water from Greenland’s large fresh water resources, where the large inland ice sheet alone represents approximately 7% of the world’s total freshwater resource.

Two of the strategy’s key recommendations are, among other things, a revamped tax model and to designate outlets that are obvious both in relation to extraction and infrastructure. The work to identify obvious places has already begun.

If you are interested in exporting water from Greenland, you can apply for a feasibility study permit. It costs DKK 1,000.

You can also apply for a permit to utilise water for export. These are given with the exclusive right to rural areas and non-exclusive right to the sea areas. A utilisation permit costs DKK 10,000 and before utilisation can begin, the company must have a plan of the entire company approved and a plan for cessation of the company. This approval costs DKK 50,000.

If you have a permit to export ice and water,  you need this form to pay royalties.