Dual-use items

Annex 1
Dual-use items are critical products, which can be used for both civil and military purposes. This includes items such as sensors, lasers, software, and programs. If the item is listed in Annex 1 (control list) to the ”Executive Order No. 67 dated the 22nd of January 2018”, it will require an export license before the item can be exported from Greenland. The control list is identical to the list of dual-use items adopted by the European Union. The most recently published control list can be found on the Danish Business Authority’s website.

Ore with an average concentration of at least 0.05 % of uranium or of thorium
Exports of more than 500 kg of ore per anno, which contain an average concentration of thorium or uranium on at least 0.05 %, are required to obtain an export license before being exported from Greenland.

Catch all provision
Finally, an item not listed in Annex 1 to the ”Executive Order No. 67” can also be regarded as a dual-use item pursuant to the so-called catch-all provision, cf. Section 1 of “Executive Order No. 67”.

Clarification of dual-use items prior to the application
By contacting the Ministry of Industry and Energy the exporter can obtain specific guidance concerning end-users, items and refusals.