Business support schemes

Direct support for entrepreneurs through business support schemes in accordance with the act on business support for land-based industries. The support schemes are put into practice in the business statutory instrument.

Currently there are the following schemes:

Applications can be submitted at Greenland Business, who administer the schemes

Venture capital

Greenland Venture arranges and invests patient and venture capital in projects and companies that have an economic sustainable development potential, specific targeted projects and companies that have an export promoting or import limiting aim.


Greenland Business offers guidance and advice to entrepreneurs. The guidance and advice is particularly focused on the opportunities resulting from economic support schemes. However, there are also other advisory activities, including, for example, workshops for entrepreneurs.

The municipalities also do work within the area of business advice.

In Qeqqata Municipality you can contact the Arctic Circle Business.

In Sermersooq you can contact the Sermersooq Business Council

In Qaasuitsup Municipality it is the municipality itself that does the advisory work.

The same applies to Kujalleq Municipality.

Incubator scheme

Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to enter into an incubator process, where they receive advice, guidance and sparring. During the process, participants will be able to receive training in, for example, marketing, law, accounting, etc. The incubator process also gives participants the opportunity to spar with other entrepreneurs in a similar situation.

Further information can be found at SIUA INUvation.

The basis for the Incubator Scheme is Parliament of Greenland Act No. 4 of 3 June 2016 amending the Parliament of Greenland Act on business promotion for land-based industries (Support for the incubator process)