Industry and Energy

Greenland’s business community is in the midst of a transformation. From many former jobs in hunting and fishing and in government-owned companies, to a future where many jobs will be found in the private sector, in the tourism industry and in the land-based industries, as well as in the longer term with new jobs in the mining sector. The elderly and care sectors will also have an increasing need for qualified labour in the future. 

Greenland has a need for increased business development and activity. A more dynamic business community creates better conditions for its citizens and generates economic activity that provides jobs and income for society.

The Government of Greenland has therefore worked intensively to modernise and improve the framework for doing business in Greenland to ensure future development, growth and welfare. The areas, where, among others, there must be focus on are tourism, the export of ice and water, production activities based on cheap clean energy, genetic resources, increased exports of seal skin products, etc.