Job portal – the whole of Greenland’s job portal

The job portal is for all the country’s citizens and businesses, and should give a good overview of the jobs that are available in the country, where they are located and what the job requires.

The job portal must give the country’s employers a good overview of what skills the country’s unemployed have. As a company, you have the possibility to search for specific profiles and skills, and to directly contact the unemployed person by e-mail/message via


The establishment of a public national job portal shall in particular deal with the geography of Greenland, which can make it difficult to get an overview of where there are vacancies, and whether there is Greenlandic labour that can do the jobs. The following are therefore key in relation to resolving a variety of challenges on the Greenlandic labour market:

  • Ensure the communication of vacancies to unemployed native labour
  • Convey the skills of the unemployed to interested employers via a CV database
  • Inform about new types of jobs, for example, in growth occupations, on relocation allowances, upgrading of qualifications, etc., relevant to the unemployed.
  • Simplify the workflow for employers who apply for permission to import labour