Relocation allowance

You should contact your local Majoriaq to apply.

The allowance can be given as a grant for relocation, subject to the condition that you have a place to live in the place you are moving to.

In order to get a relocation allowance it requires that:
  • the relocation includes staff groups that do not already have access to have the move paid for.
  • the applicant has a signed assurance on housing from a housing association or has their own home at the destination.
  • the move involves an accepted offer of permanent employment at the destination.
  • there is a case of a documented demand for labour.
  • there is a shortage of labour at the destination with the most sought-after qualifications and skills.

For seasonal work in the fishing industry, for example, a grant is only given for a return trip. For seasonal relocation, there is therefore no grant for moving household or other items other than for travel costs, which is why the requirement associated with housing does not apply.