Majoriaq: centre for jobs, guidance and upgrading of qualifications

Majoriaq centres function as a link between education, training, the labour market and the business community. There is a total of 17 Majoriaq centres; one in every town. It is a municipal organisational unit that takes care of all the case management, guidance and upgrading of qualifications for the labour market and education.

One point of access 

The purpose of Majoriaq is to strive to reach the goal of the labour market by competently and efficiently helping unemployed citizens towards employment. At Majoriaq, citizens encounter a comprehensive solution that offers new options to become self-reliant again. Both if you are looking for a job and if you are in need of academic or non-academic upgrading of qualifications before you find the right job or education. There must be an individual plan for each citizen who makes contact with the wish for help to move forward. The local Majoriaq receives all applications for education and handles a lot of the contact between apprentices and trainees and their work placements. 

Majoriaq has three main tasks: 

  • job centre
  • guidance on education and work
  • upgrading qualifications for education and work.

Job centre

Majoriaq arranges contact between employers and the unemployed, so that vacancies are filled with resident labour. This means that Majoriaq must have an overview of what demand there is in the business community and match it with the skills the unemployed have. If the unemployed lack skills, they should, as far as possible, have their qualifications upgraded to meet the needs for skills in the business community.


By providing competent and effective guidance and advice, it ensures that citizens are pointed in the right direction for their future. Majoriaq provides guidance about education, upgrading qualifications and work. The guidance is given in collaboration with the citizen, by drawing up an action plan that has a clear goal and clearly defined milestones along the way. The action plan must put the citizen in employment and/or an education.

Upgrading qualifications

Majoriaq carries out or arranges academic and non-academic upgrading of qualifications for both education and work. Younger citizens and citizens who do not have a General Certificate of Secondary Education, or individual grades in order to be admitted to an education, can academically upgrade their qualification at Majoriaq. There are two nationwide tests a year.

The target group for non-academic upgrading of qualifications is youngsters and younger citizens, who need to strengthen personal and social skills, and who are not ready to enter the job market and/or start an academic upgrading of qualifications process. The purpose of the non-academic process is to prepare students for taking an education and/or becoming wage-earners.

The former labour market offices and Piareersarfiit across the country have been brought together in the Majoriaq centres as of 1 January 2016, in line with a new law on the establishment of Job, Guidance and Education Centres came into force.