Skills development

“Project Skills Development for the Unskilled” (PSDU) is part of the Government of Greenland’s Education Plan, which among other things, focuses on “that people in vulnerable occupations go into a skills development process to reduce the risk of unemployment and, at the same time, meet the demand for labour within growth occupations such as construction, tourism and mining, as well as within the municipal pre-school sector.”

The main target group of the PSDU pool are the unskilled who are unemployed or are employed in threatened occupations, as well as those in need of upgrading their skills in areas where future growth is expected.

Skills development takes place through a range of PSDU courses. The following applies to PSDU courses:
  • PSDU courses will gradually become increasingly offered as modular courses that are qualifying for the purpose of vocational training. A course will typically consist of 3-5 modules lasting 1-2 weeks.
  • Enrolment and referral and assessment for PSDU courses is through the local labour market office.
  • The overall costs for PSDU courses is paid for by the National Treasury, including a course allowance for course participants.